Developer Pamphlet – “3 Reasons To Buy In 30 Days” [before prices drop]

Developers ‘Onni’ lay out why we should all rush to buy ASAP. If you pause for a moment, of course, you’ll realize that tightening requirements will restrict you and everybody else after 18 March, and thus put downward pressure on prices, and thus you’ll very likely save even more money by simply waiting. But, then, Vancouver buyers aren’t well known for letting logic get in the way of a good speculative buying opportunity.  Race you to the sales desk! -vreaa [hat-tip to VillageWhisperer]

5 responses to “Developer Pamphlet – “3 Reasons To Buy In 30 Days” [before prices drop]

  1. Developers are scum. If you ever needed proof, this is it.
    “lower payments” = higher lifetime interest payments.
    “higher downpayments” = lower debt level
    “afford more home” = hope rates don’t rise next time you renew your mortgage.

    This appeal to the lack of financial sophistication /education is going to be, for ONNI, short-term gain, long-term pain.

  2. What a joke.

  3. They should have added another column.
    Increased savings from less interest paid.

  4. Village Whisperer

    Note the disclaimer at the bottom of the ad that says: “These figures are based on a three year fixed term of 3.20%.”

    There should have been a corresponding chart showing you how f*cked you will be when you renew your mortgage with a 30 year amortization at 5-8% (or higher).

  5. CanuckDownUnder

    It should really say “your bank reserves the right to adjust this number.”

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