Global BC TV Shameless Helicopter RE Infomercial – ‘Waterfront’; ‘Good School’; ‘Chinese Buyers’ A ‘Powerful Force’; Metro Vancouver RE ‘Cheap’

The US has ‘Helicopter Ben’, here in Vancouver, we have ‘Helicopter Cam’, as in ‘Cam Good’, local condo peddler, who took local realtors who have mainland China marketing connections on a promotional helicopter flight over White Rock. Somehow a Global TV crew happened to come along for the ride.
This all came just one week after tincup, on an earlier thread at VREAA, had presciently commented: “I think the next anecdote will be that rich asians are rappelling down at night from black helicopters with duffle bags of cash, signing a few docs and then zooming away in jet packs.” [1 Feb 2011] Well, the helicopters weren’t black, but the gist and the intention of the story were precisely as tincup predicted. The Global piece has been very extensively discussed at other sites, but we feel we’d be remiss to not document it here. It reads like a shameless infomercial. Possibly it’ll mark some kind of ‘high point’ in the fever.  Here follows visual and quote excerpts from ‘Chinese Buyers Flock To White Rock’, Global BC TV network, 9 Feb 2011 [thanks to Greenhorn for the video archive] –

“Could this be a sign of the times?
While Chinese buyers have long been a powerful force in places like Richmond, it looks like they are now casting their investment nets even wider.”

“These aren’t your average group of helicopter riders. They are on a mission – To find property for their clients back in mainland China.”

“For five thousand bucks today ‘The Key’, a real estate marketing group, invited Vancouver’s top mainland China realtors to sell their clients on White Rock”.

“White Rock is a very good location.” – Realtor voice over

“I like the area. And I like the school. And also the environment here.” – Lui Wei

“Waterfront view, you know, actually, yes, very good school, a lot of Chinese, they’re looking for, good school for their kids.” – Chris Chan

“In Vancouver, freehold land, you own it forever. But in China, it’s not freehold, they are leasehold, … just like the condominium in UBC, you have to return the land to whoever owns it. This is a new concept to them, and they like real estate here.” – Chris Chan

“Finally for mainland Chinese, metro Vancouver is what Phoenix or Arizona is to Canadians right now… Cheap. Today’s trip netted the marketing group about a half dozen sales.” – Voice over


Further information from unicas at RE Talks 10 Feb 2011“From a translation of a Sing Tao article: The same company that invites those chinese realtors on helicopter tour to white rock is setting up display centre in downtown beijing. The centre will open in March to sell Avra, a 17 story condo project. The centre will employ 6 people. Over 50 of the 117 are already sold in Beijing, before the centre opens. Big draw to the Chinese, Semiahmoo which offers the IB course.  Of all the real estate sales in the city of White Rock for the past 6 months, 75% are by the mainland buyers.”

17 responses to “Global BC TV Shameless Helicopter RE Infomercial – ‘Waterfront’; ‘Good School’; ‘Chinese Buyers’ A ‘Powerful Force’; Metro Vancouver RE ‘Cheap’

  1. This will not end well.

  2. The other realtor whose name was not mentioned, is Austin KAY – born in Indonesia and can’t speak a word of Mandarin.

    • This is an unfair assault on the psyche of unsuspecting masses.
      There is a word that comes to mind. “Charlatans”

  3. I posted this on VCI, but it’s in moderation:

    Apparently, the wealthy Chinese are desperate to buy – in Florida :

    or is it Korea?

    sorry, I mean London:

    actually, they are buying up the whole European continent:

    I could go on.

    Vancouver is so special… NOT!

  4. I actually thought the piece was quite humorous. Global TV has always been “cheap journalism”. You just have to understand that Global TV news isn’t a newscast…it is more of an Entertainment Tonight show for Vancouver. If you actually want to watch the news, then flick down to CTV on channel 9.

  5. If you actually want to watch the news, then flick down to CTV on channel 9.

    is it any good now that bill and pamela have left? I found them to be ho-hum and global of course is glam news… CBC seems to be pretty fair.

  6. The only reason I watch CTV local news is to see that cutie Sara Galashan.

  7. Remember a time when the Japanese were buying up everything in sight? What happened since? Would it be different for China this time? Time will tell.

  8. For those of you who would appreciate a more scholarly/rigourous approach to the phenomenon of overseas Chinese investment than that concocted by BC’s corporate media (chortle/chortle) may I suggest you begin here:

    Lords of The Rim: The Invisible Empire of The Overseas Chinese – Sterling Seagrave

    [Publishers Weekly] – On one level, this book is a lively version of Chinese history from 1100 B.C. to the present, through the screen of the dealings of its merchant class. On another level, it is an Arabian Nights tale of scandal, war, politics and, above all, money-making. “To be rich is good,” runs an old Chinese proverb. On yet another level, it is a brilliant analysis of the enormous power wielded by a widely scattered group of 55 million Chinese merchants who live in self-imposed or government-ordered exile throughout Asia and, increasingly, in the U.S. and Canada. In the scramble of Western entrepreneurs for footholds in China’s enormous markets, asserts Seagrave (The Soong Dynasty), this is the group to reckon with. They’re already there. They have a hammerlock on commerce in nearly every country of the Pacific Rim. It is they who financed the current economic boom that has made China the third largest market in the world after the U.S. and Japan, and they who have the greatest stakes in which direction post-Deng China takes.

    • nem i just found this thread so i’m resurrecting it

      seagrave? i thought he was going to wallow in obscurity – have you read the soong dynasty? WOW

  9. Royce McCutcheon

    Clicking on the link to watch the article, I see the word “advertisement” on the right side (it stayed after the commercial before the article had played). Was that always there? Just curious.

  10. I watched this clip last night and was appalled at the remarks of the a****h**e realtor Cam Good where he stated that if people couldn’t afford to live here, then they should move somewhere else. Stupid, stupid, stupid. If this jerkoff was trying to sell me a house or condo, I’d tell him to take a hike and would encourage everyone else to do the same with him and everyone of their ilk. He took a few lessons from Book of Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark I assume.

  11. Cam Good is a fraud. He uses Key Marketing employees to pose as real estate buyers to promote his own scams. Case in point: the piece on Global New that featured Tara Fluet (a Key Marketing Sales Manager) posing as an ‘investor’ for Cam’s greasy ‘Groupon’ condo purchasing. I don’t know what’s worse – greasy Cam or Global news for lapping up the BS he serves up on a silver platter. Whatever this grease ball says do the opposite. He is a dirt bag.

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