“It’s scary how close we came to being trapped in a damn 5 percent down 35 year deal, almost sold our souls. I wanted what I felt I was entitled to.”

HADTOMOVETOTHEARCTIC at greaterfool.ca 22 Jan 2011 4:29 am – “Almost three years ago my then boyfriend now husband and I were pre-approved for $460,000.00. Shockingly since back then I was a nanny barely scraping by at $14.00 an hour, minimal savings and bad credit. The now husband had his you know what together and is practical and smart about money, 30 grand saved in the bank at the time, no debt and working 3 jobs to make more.
I jumped right on the HGTV porn loving, Sandra Rinomato fan club. I couldn’t wait to loose my property virginity. I gyrated in anticipation of an acre for the dog, nice kitchen or something Daddy could help us reno and somewhere between Roberts Creek to Halfmoon Bay, as long as it was on the Sunshine Coast. We scheduled open houses, looked at houses, and searched realtor.ca for hours in search of our entitled home. I even became addicted to house hunters and house hunters international. I envisioned us having the lifestyle all my friends seemed to have. Barbequing on a Weber grill, lounging on the new ginger jar patio furniture and a nice 52 inch TV for the next property virgins marathon. It’s scary how close we came to being trapped in a damn 5 percent down 35 year deal, almost sold our souls, or shall I say mine (Over and over again the husband said even though the bank says yes we really can’t afford a house) I wanted what I felt I was entitled to. I grew up on the North Shore in Vancouver, we always had nice things and all my friends were doing it, and even my mortgage broker friend had me convinced with her constant facebook updates.
And then the husband had a job offer, a professional job. No more UVIC bartending, no more teaching economics, no more odd jobs. It changed EVERYTHING. We now live in the Arctic in Cambridge Bay Nunavut. No more HGTV porn lovin’ for me. No House, BBQ, Furniture, Electronics or that acre backyard for Ralph to run around. Friends thought we were crazy, and still do. They keep telling me time is running out. A friend just bought a place in North Van, in Raven Woods out Deep Cove way….$370,000. For a one bedroom and den. Gross.
I stumbled upon [greaterfool.ca] one day and I finally got it. The husband thanks you. I keep spreading the gospel as best I can, but people just don’t get it. We’ll just hang tight up here in the miserable cold making money and saving it, while the Lower Methland slowly but surely falls apart.”

2 responses to ““It’s scary how close we came to being trapped in a damn 5 percent down 35 year deal, almost sold our souls. I wanted what I felt I was entitled to.”

  1. FYI Raven Woods development is a leasehold for those who do not know.

    [Thanks! One assumes this makes the deal seem even ‘grosser’ to the anecdotor. – ed.]

  2. Great anecdote. My wife and I did the same thing a year ago. Born and raised in Vancouver, we finished university with student loans and a bright future in finance. We were tired of living in overpriced rentals owned by speculators that had purchased “investment” properties, but had no idea how to be landlords or the effort involved in it. Packed up and moved to Yellowknife where we found jobs in our fields and a less insane life. A year later and we’re debt free with $50k in the bank. Meanwhile our last renter friend in Vancouver just bought a tear-down in East Van for $900k. Pure insanity. But it took leaving that mentality and looking in from the outside to truly see how mad it was. I guess that’s the problem with an asset bubble — hard to maintain perspective while the euphoria is raging around you. So glad we resisted long enough.

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