TPFKAA on Ambivalent Recent Buyers

anonymous (now known as TPFKAA) at VREAA 22 Dec 2010 at 9.35pm
“A family friend bought a 2 bedroom, maybe 700 sf condo during the late 08- early 09 correction for around 350000. He rents out the second bedroom to a tenant. I asked him if it was working out ok in such a tight space… a pained expression flitted across his face: “yeah it is a little tight… but it works out okay.”
uh huh. Comfortable.”

“An acquaintance with a townhouse, decent sized, good for two kids, bought long ago told me she dreaded her family friends coming over for dinner. Recently the friends bought a house for 850000 in N van, with help from parents’ downpayment. Since then, each time they visit the wife keeps on telling my friend that “you should get a bigger place. you really need more space.” They shopped for months before they found the place, and it is in dire need of renovation and decoration. My friend says it is really grotty. But they seem so pleased with themselves. To me it sounds more like they need others to affirm they see the emperor’s clothing, because their nagging subconscious sees the scam they have fallen victim to.”

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