Realtor Slip – “Instant Crashflow Investment”

MLS V860846 3694 NORMANDY DR, Renfrew Heights, Vancouver East, $789,900.00
“REVENUE ALERT! An instant crashflow investment. This Beautiful renovated home conveniently located close to shops, transit, schools and skytrain. … [etc]”
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9 responses to “Realtor Slip – “Instant Crashflow Investment”

  1. Where is the beautiful home the ad mentions?

  2. Crash flow … must be the subconscious speaking … 🙂

  3. Awesome. It could also be somebody at the MLS office, if this realtor doesn’t load their own listings.

  4. Well we certainly can’t argue this property will generate revenue and cash flow.

    • Yeah, cash borrowed from the bank will flow from the new owner to the seller, the realtor, the mortgage broker, the city, Home Depot/contractors/etc, and the renters.

  5. D U M P – can you imagine the upkeep?

    INSANITUS RAMPANTUS – and just wait ’til all the people that have made a living off RE are out of work. All those “tradespeople’ – all those property hype artists, Lawyers, and schmucks that think Vancouver homes are worth this kind of money.

    The laughable part is the number of people that think they are going to sell their home and retire.

    Freedom 125 – here we come.

  6. This is an awesome example of the skill and education of realtors.
    Paying this person the industry standard of 3% is about $24k in commission to make a typo on your behalf and take crappy pictures of the laundry dryer discharge piping against code, and of the laminate floors that replaced the mouldy carpet, and t0 reuse a photograph taken in the summer time when the grass was dry and crispy. $24,000 and they can’t even hire a photographer……
    But the good thing is maybe the coffee cup on the countertop is included.
    But the best part is the 9 illegal bedrooms they crammed into this house – of which he won’t take pictures of. Another “rooming house” waiting for victims to get burnt to a crisp.
    What a great guy to have working for you….

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