What are we thinking? – Frank Lloyd Wright Californian Home on 80 Acres compared with more expensive Dunbar Box on 0.15 Acres

UnagiDon, in the comments section of our recent post comparing LA and Dunbar houses, points to an article in the NYTimes [2.Dec.2010] featuring the Frank Lloyd-Wright designed ‘Fawcett House’ in Los Banos, California: 3,800 sqft; 6 bedrooms; 80 acre lot. Asking price $2M. Impressive photos here.
The Dunbar box, photo reposted, sold for $2.4M.
With the Frank Lloyd Wright house, you get 536 times the land that you get with the Dunbar house. (6,500 sqft vs 3,484,800 sqft).
Yeah, sure: far from Starbucks, higher taxes, less sunshine of liquid type, but, still…

People of Vancouver: What are we thinking? -vreaa

Recent Dunbar sale: $2.4M:

11 responses to “What are we thinking? – Frank Lloyd Wright Californian Home on 80 Acres compared with more expensive Dunbar Box on 0.15 Acres

  1. but…but…..but…..what about all the rich Asians clamoring to grab a piece of the real estate action in Vancouver?

  2. People of Vancouver: What are we thinking?

    Take your pick:

    – It’s different here
    – It’s the best place on Earth!
    – All the Asians are buying it up and they have money to burn.
    – Well, it’s VANCOUVER, who wouldn’t want to live here?

  3. This BC age curve is interesting (least i thought so..)


  4. Look at the huge property taxes on those US properties though.

    • Yeah, worse property taxes – last one I looked up in this range was $25K/year – but you can write off your mortgage and lock in for the entire amortization.

      This is Frank Lloyd Wright!

    • For the property tax comparison, rather than comparing apples to melons, try to find a “Dunbar-equivalent” house– a stucco box in a moderately high-end neighbourhood on a 45-foot lot. I’d expect it to be a heck of a lot cheaper than $2M, and I’d expect the taxes to be in the same $5-8K range as the Dunbar house.

  5. My PlayBoyBunnies & PentHousePets would look absolutely fabulous tanning near that pool!… Thank you for the reality check, VREAA… 😉

  6. As much as I agree, it isnt really a fair comparison. The Cali house is in the middle of nowhere. The land value (though it is a large chunk of land) is probably peanuts.

    It would make more sense to compare it to a $2million house out in chiliwack or something where the location is a little less desirable. Though, I can promise you wouldnt find anything like that in chiliwack for $2million, you could get a house a hell of a lot nicer than the dunbar one.

    I hate to bring up realtor cliches, but RE really is location location location. Though a fantastic pool should count for something.

  7. But people in the Market for the dumber house, doesn’t know who is Frank. They care more about basement suits, and LV bags etc.

  8. Davers:

    If I have you 2 millions here, you can’t build a house like this even if the land is free. 2 millions house is a Drywall house in van.

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