‘Retail’ by Brian Ulrich

From ‘Retail’, a series of photos by Brian Ulrich
[UPDATE – At the kind request of the photographer, the images have been reposted uncropped. We urge you all to follow the link to see the whole series. -ed.]

8 responses to “‘Retail’ by Brian Ulrich

  1. This afternoon in the supermarket it occurred to me that everyone looked miserable, even more miserable than usual, like they were spending money they didn’t have but didn’t know what else to do. These photos evoke the same feeling. Interesting that that thought should pop into my mind on the day you post this.

    I bought a $3 pizza for the lady in front of me in Walmart yesterday after her card was rejected for her $8 purchase.

    • I am always “amazed” walking into a supermarket just realizing how much food is piled up in there and then realizing that within easy walking distance (even for the average Vancouverite who likes to drive anything beyond two blocks) there are at least five more.

      But yes, it seems people are being strained / challenged financially though haven’t seen it in Supermarkets yet, or at least not noticed, maybe it was just the cold?

  2. And the point in posting these pictures is…???

  3. These photos are great! I rarely go to ‘the mauls’ so I don’t see this too often but it really does capture the retail experience. So many people wandering around trying to fill that existential hole, unable to see the futility of their efforts.

    Hope you’re not suggesting people are doing the same thing with real estate?


  4. The photos are from 2003!

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