“These were supposed to be the ‘greenest Games ever’. What a joke.”

We seem to be world leaders in the area of self deception. -vreaa

Buses For Games Not Green, by Bob Mackin, 24h News Vancouver, 10 Nov 2010 [excerpts] – “More than 1,000 buses from around North America used at the 2010 Winter Olympics and Paralympics were driven a combined 5.1 million kilometres to and from Vancouver. British Columbia Passenger Transportation Branch temporary licence records obtained by 24 hours via Freedom of Information show that VANOC charter bus contractor Gameday Management Group of Orlando, Fla., formed a mostly diesel, mostly American fleet to shuttle athletes, sponsors, dignitaries, media, workers and spectators in February and March.
Numerous companies still owed their final payments await the results of this week’s mediation between VANOC and Gameday, which claims it’s owed $10 million. Taxpayers bailed out VANOC for at least $80 million and could be on the hook for more.
Using the list of companies and their addresses, 24 hours measured the round-trip distances using Google Maps and found the 1,112 buses went 5,106,618.2 km, or a total of 127 trips around the equator.
The documents do not show how far the buses went while in the city during the Games.
“These were supposed to be the ‘greenest Games ever’,” said Olympic critic and Five Ring Circus author Chris Shaw. “What a joke.”

One response to ““These were supposed to be the ‘greenest Games ever’. What a joke.”

  1. This is an example of what happens when you give budgets to people who have no business running these kind of enterprises.
    The Games were also supposed to get people all dialled about “moving to Vancouver”….I had so many people amazed we could put up with the 18th century Transportation infrastructure and the venues spread from here to Yon.
    Expensive perk for rich folks, and now YOU get to pay for it.

    Oh and Milly Water Properties are absolute trash – I toured one and the slapdash finish is already starting look tacky.

    This place will NEVER be sold and in less than twenty years, I bet it’s another crack dealers paradise.

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