“We were saving up a downpayment for a place here and now realized we are pretty close to paying cash for a place where we want to live in the states.”

The price differential between the US and Vancouver cannot last. It has to apply downward pressure on Vancouver prices. Foreign investors will find the US more and more attractive, and locals who travel or read will notice the difference too. For the price of a very modest Vancouver condo, you can own a condo in Manhattan. – vreaa

USorbust at vancouvercondo.info 30 Sep 2010 12:53pm“We were saving up a downpayment for a place here, and now realized we are pretty close to paying cash for a place where we want to live in the states.”

7 responses to ““We were saving up a downpayment for a place here and now realized we are pretty close to paying cash for a place where we want to live in the states.”

  1. This is only the initial part of the equation. The unaffordability of Vancouver will put pressures on wages which will make our industry uncompetitive in comparison to US cities. How can our film and television industry compete against Los Angeles when it is cheaper never mind New Orleans and Detroit. How about about our new media or biotech industries. Anyone who thinks these prices are sustainable while prices fall in the US is simply mad.

  2. The saving grace has been the cheap buck, and now we are at par, just tax breaks, incredible crews, and same time zone as LA, is saving our bacon.
    The Family has been in the film business since the X Files, and we have seen boom and just about bust. We have series here, and the new Tom Cruise MI Film, but it is still a struggle.
    I do wish our soon to be leaving friends, all the best in the USA. The Foreclosure crisis and the impending fiscal calamity accelerating,…I might suggest you are crazy to go to the States, unless you are an American, and it’s home and you are ready to see the RE values stay on the floor for the next 30 years. Vancouver is the epicentre of the RE collapse that will destroy the lives of a lot of foolish and spendthrift folks.

  3. Vancouver real estate is quite expensive these days BUT Vancouver is also consistently rates the best or second best city in the world to live in. Prices will probably come down a little bit through 2011 but I doubt they will bust again like in 2008. After the bubble burst in 2008 and prices sank 20%, a year went by and prices climbed back up to levels before the bust. Sure you can buy a house in the outskirts of Arizona for 75 grand, but then you live in the outskirts of Arizona. Foreign investors are not going to leave Vancouver, we have thousands of immigrants a year moving here which supports the real estate industry in Canada. Everybody in Canada is from somewhere else, we are a young country. I doubt the film industry in Vancouver is not going to go away, there are many many famous actors, actresses and directors from Canada who support the local film and TV industry and we are still competitive. We will never be what Hollywood CA is, but our movie production industry seems healthy.

  4. VR,

    You have no clue what you are talking about regarding the film industry. Stick to Real Estate where you are only half clueless.

  5. Bwahahaaaa, JT get ready because you are in for a very big lifestyle change.
    You look about 30 yrs. old so you have no idea what a downturn in RE feels like. No memory of 1981.
    Hope you have some savings and don’t have 99% of your net worth tied up in RE like most “Realtors”.

    How’s the summer been?
    Pretty low sales for the last 4 months, eh?
    Unless you got your fair share that Beemer lease payment might be getting a little uncomfortable by now.

  6. Oh, and one more thing – check with Homeland Security about the restrictions placed upon aliens owning property in the Estados Unidos. You will be shocked.
    The whole casual, freebooting, low interest era, has turned everyone into speculators and only very few come out ahead.
    The word is greed, and we are going to say the yin to that yang, unfold for many years ahead. In the end, you have to pay your debts, one way or another.
    Nobody from Ditech will be there to bail a huge swath of citizens. It is sad, and disturbing, that so few people actually have savings, investments, and even a basic plan. Wake up, or you will be living in the Park. The maroons in Ottawa are busy throwing money away, and they won’t be there to feed you weenies throughout he bars at debtor prison.

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