Renting In The Olympic Village Ghost Town

Allen Roberts lives in a rented condo at the Olympic Village. Many units remain empty.

From The Province, 8 Sep 2010“It’s weird,” said Heather Eddy, who recently moved into a sixth-floor rental unit at West 1st and Columbia with her boyfriend, Allen Roberts, 30, an engineering student at Simon Fraser University. “It’s almost like living in a futuristic police state. All you see are police cars driving around and people on bicycles.” Eddy, a 24-year-old pastry chef, said she believes the village was opened too early. “It’s very much like a ghost town,” she added. “I’m scared to walk down the streets at night.” The couple, however, said they love their 850-square-foot apartment with its high windows and top-end appliances.

5 responses to “Renting In The Olympic Village Ghost Town

  1. The village is really quiet. I thought it would be slow to complete but this is starting to look bloody scary.

    Now I understand the difference between predicting a housing crash and enjoying it. Really scary. Sad.

  2. I doubt the rents will be cheap.

    Meanwhile, maybe they can rent it out to one of those SciFi shows that shoots around town all the time? An abandoned city must work for some dystopian script, no?

  3. How do a pastry chef and a student afford to live in a $1700/month apartment? And how do they afford to spend that much on alcohol?

  4. These 20/30 something trustfund hipster yuppies roughing it out on the border of the ghetto. Apparently; anything east of Ontario Street is the slums (read a post here about a woman dressing up like a zombie referring to East Vancouver as a slum)
    1700/month…. drop in the bucket for maintaining my “Keeping it real” image. “Main Street is totally my scene!”
    Let the Olympic spirit live on

  5. @ maaaaat.

    Credit, duh. How does anyone afford anything here…debt, debt and more debt.

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