Spot The Speculator #5 – Woodward’s – “Perhaps over 50% of the residents are renters, not owners. On our floor only two out of the ten apartments own their homes.”

Clearly a large percentage of the buyers in this project, as in other downtown condo projects, bought units not for personal use, but as speculative investments under the assumption that prices would continue to rise. -vreaa

Margaritar comments [4 Jul 2010] on Brian Hutchinson’s articles on the Woodwards project 3 July 2010

“I’ve been following the Woodwards articles and am quite pleased with them, but as a resident of the Woodward’s W43 building, I think much of the ‘heart of the matter’ has been left out.

The continuous remarks about the residents of this building being “monied”? Not quite accurate considering perhaps over 50% of the residents are renters, not owners. Talking to the people in my building, you will see tons of different opinions, as the demographic of this building is so different. Some people view it as a trailer park, some as a university res, some as a place for their families.

Much of the drinking and carrying on on the top floor has been from young punks and their friends. Hence, I haven’t used the hot tub once. I go up their for the gym and the view (the bbq up there has never worked). The sight of drunk girls and guys wearing no clothing and sitting in a hot tub with them? Kinda grosses me out.

On our quiet floor we have mixed demographics – I have the only child on the floor, there are a couple of older couples, a couple of dogs, a couple of singles, another young couple, and then there are the roommates. The young guy roommates are the only ones who have defaced property on our floor, for no reason other than that they were drunk, even telling me twice that he was the one who wrote swear words on the wall. Awesome. On our floor only two out of the ten apartments own their homes.

I’m not saying I’m against renters, I am a renter and I treat the place as my own – but not everyone does. And the fact that continuously you write about the people who live here as spoiled and rich is kind of an insult as many people in this building have to work hard to make a buck just to pay their rent, and can’t even enjoy the facilities as they are being taken over by young kids getting drunk and throwing parties all the time. Hence the signage. (the signage is also due to the fact that we have a security guard who’s not really around most of the time for whatever reason).”

thinktom (local realtor) at RETalks 7 Jul 2010 3:39pm – “TON of listings in Woodwards right now. Yikes.”

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