“Vancouver really is the ‘Best Place on Earth’ for me! Do I have to own it? No.”

Dorker at vancouvercondo.info 11 Mar 2010 9:07 pm

“I sold all my properties a couple of years ago and thought the crash would happen soon after. It hasn’t. Am I bitter? No. I’m actually relieved and liberated from all that RE maintenance, bills, and accounting. Frankly I don’t care if RE continues to go up because I’m enjoying life more renting. I have a fabulous apartment which I couldn’t afford to own, but here I am: top floor, spacious, sweeping views, and great location. My landlord even renovated for me for which I’m grateful. Vancouver really is the best place on earth for me! Do I have to own it? No.”

4 responses to ““Vancouver really is the ‘Best Place on Earth’ for me! Do I have to own it? No.”

  1. roxsane lenec


  2. I did exactly the same thing and I am loving it!

  3. Same here, the place I am currently in I could not afford to own.

    The Penthouse next door (five floors down from me) with a more limited view because of it, sold for $1.5 million, granted, it’s bigger but how much space does one really need?

  4. rootabegarootabega

    I sold a fixer-upper in 2003, just before prices started rising and rising….
    Was I sorry? Sure. But the stress of renovating and dealing with beauracracy was killing me. I’ve been renting ever since. My pad is not lavish but it is dirt cheap, and I’m within a few months of paying off a lifetime worth of debts. That’s what is important to me. Oweing nothing, for me, is more satisfying than owning something.

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