Putting the “Get Real!?” into ‘Real Estate’: 2218 sqft for $5,380,000 = $2,426 per sqft

We like a lot of the buildings that Arthur Erikson has designed, but we find it hard to imagine 2218 sq ft working THAT well. We’ll be watching the square-footage asking prices on this building through the next decade. -vreaa


MLS#V809514, # 603 1560 HOMER MEWS, Vancouver, BC   V6Z 0A6

2218 sqft, $5,380,000. Maintenance fees $955.21 monthly.

“Master piece by world renowned architect Arthur Erickson. Breathtaking waterfront view of False Creek, water & city. Unique design & luxurious interior can not be matched by any other building in the city. Features & amenities need to be view in person.”

3 responses to “Putting the “Get Real!?” into ‘Real Estate’: 2218 sqft for $5,380,000 = $2,426 per sqft

  1. I’ve always found The Erickson to be a little misleading on one point — IIRC, he designed it, but he was not the architect. A few years ago Erickson had a little spat with AIBC over how he was using his name when he wasn’t actually up to date with his credentials — see . Of course, having him as designer rather than architect has one potential benefit: maybe it won’t leak quite as much.

  2. Wow. Does the house do its own housecleaning, cook, provide massages, and sing you to sleep? If not, then what the hell?

    When similar condos in well paid Manhattan are cheaper per sqft…. You gotta wonder.

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