“You could stick your finger right into the roof where the ceiling meets the east wall.”

Two mainstream-media pieces on the same day focus on the unclear reliability of home inspectors. Locals have grown accustom to the pitfalls of poor construction, but does the simultaneous occurrence of two such articles from different outlets indicate more widespread buyer caution? -vreaa

‘Can you trust your home inspector?’, a TV program from cbc.ca broadcast 8 Jan 2010, with Erica Johnson & Mike Holmes.

‘Home inspection remains a buyer-beware environment’, a newspaper article by Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun, 8 Jan 2010.

Darcy Zallen, a civilian employee of the RCMP, holds her inspection report as she stands in her master bedroom,  while contractor Jeff Bain removes rotten wood from the outside walls. Zallen had the home inspected and had no idea that the home needed major repairs. Despite a property inspector’s report that indicated some minor problems and noted a roof needed to be replaced within five years, Zallen faces spending up to an estimated $40,000 to make major repairs before she can move in. She purchased the home for $405,000.
“My main concern was the roof, because it was tar and gravel, but it had this weird metal covering,” she said. Zallen brought in roofing contractors to do maintenance, they told her the roof was beyond repair. And when other contractors started what she thought were cosmetic renovations, they uncovered a wall that was rotting away. “You could stick your finger right into the roof where the ceiling meets the east wall,” Zallen said.
(from the Vancouver Sun article).

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