Bob Rennie, the Vancouver condo marketer, installed an art piece by Martin Creed on his office building in Vancouver’s Chinatown recently. It reads ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright’. We posted an image and discussion 27 Nov 2009. Rennie interpreted the work literally, and actually said as much, whereas the artist’s intention was clearly ironic. More information now comes to light to confirm the ironic intent. Even more ironically, the piece was previously installed in that other bastion of real estate strength, Detroit. After it had been displayed outside the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art for some time, it was replaced by a second work, ‘Nothing Will Be Alright’. Somehow, despite the insistence from some quarters that we are a ‘World Class City’,  I can’t see Vancouver sensibilities being capable of handling all this irony. Imagine ‘Nothing Will Be Alright’ on Rennie’s building in Chinatown? No, neither can I.

Vancouver, Detroit, ‘Everything Is Going To Be Alright’, ‘Nothing Will Be Alright’. Hmmmm. -vreaa.

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