“I can’t wait for the day when these guys get exactly what they deserve”

Bubbles cause misallocation of capital. The temptation of money-for-nothing perverts the reward system in the affected society. Hard working citizens are at the very least distracted, and at worst throw themselves into non-productive endeavours. -vreaa

Yalie at vancouvercondo.info 29 Nov 2009 3:59 pm & 4:13 pm responds to the statements made by wannabe flippers at the recent release of presales for ‘The Mark’ condo complex –

“I’m not a vindictive person, but with such breathtaking displays of ignorance as these, it’s hard not to think “I can’t wait for the day when these guys get exactly what they deserve”. Actually, I DO want these guys to get what they deserve. They represent everything that’s wrong with our society lately – basically people trying to generate cash without generating anything of value. As an entrepreneur, I have been busting my butt the last three years building a real business, with a real product, that people can actually use. It would be bad enough if these flippers were merely throwing themselves off the financial cliff, but what really gets me is that through the associated misapplication of capital and the inevitable economic fallout they’re creating, they’re also going to take out hard-working, honest people who do real work.”

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