Anecdotes From The Future – VANOC Knows How You’ll Feel Tomorrow

Okay, this may not be ENTIRELY relevant to Vancouver RE, but anybody who has been following the market will know how important the idea of the 2010 Winter Olympics have become regarding market sentiment and discussion. So perhaps you’ll forgive this somewhat extraordinary post. It does, however, deal with an issue that is of interest to archivists, namely the writing of ‘history’ via before-the-fact press releases. Ron Judd’s ‘Olympic Insider’ column at The Seattle Times, dated October 30, 2009 at 10:45 AM, reveals that VANOC distributed a lengthy press on the evening of October 29, 2009, that contained more detail than one would expect regarding an event that hadn’t yet happened. It was clearly set up for lazy newspeople to paste and cut and quote verbatim.

Here are some of the things VANOC predicted would happen the day after –

“A ceremonial party of First Nations chiefs paddled across the waters of Victoria’s Inner Harbour this morning towards the public welcoming ceremony cradling the flame from the dramatic jutting bow of a traditional canoe.”

“On shore, onlookers waved Canadian flags as they lined the harbourfront and sweeping green lawns of the British Columbia Parliament Buildings craning for their first look at the flame.” [I like the ‘craning’ bit – ed.]

“What a magical moment,” said John Furlong, VANOC’s Chief Executive Officer.”

“The Canadian prime minister and British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell were among the dignitaries on hand for the flame’s arrival celebrated with a 50-member honour guard and a flyby of four CF-18 jets from the 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron streaking overhead in a classic box formation. The same jets soared overhead at approximately 10:40 am as VANOC revealed the identity of XXX as the first torchbearer to carry the flame in the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, presented by Coca-Cola and RBC and supported by the Government of Canada. As the audience cheered, he/she ran through the crowd proudly carrying the curved metre-long winter white torch, officially starting the 106-day relay’s 45,000-kilometre journey across Canada.”

It all makes it tempting to ask VANOC how we’ll all feel next year. And if they’ll please reveal what they know of where the RE market is heading.

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