“Bleak” Market For “Greedy Pig”

This honest account of the market quiet from realtor Jeff at Rob Chipman’s blog 24 July 2007 5:29pm

“Times are certainly changing. My phone didn’t ring at all today. I currently have 6 active listings on MLS, another 1 that should get processed by tomorrow, and possibly another 3 listings to hit within a week.
I was chatting with one of my colleagues today who has 26 active listings and she told me that she was doing a lot more showings last year while carrying 8-10 at a time.
From a Realtors perspective this is bleak. I had to laugh earlier this week when a prospective client thought it was “bleak” that I suggested $449k on his property that he bought for $138k in 1999 and it traded in 1992 for $131k. Greedy pig!”

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