“Very Frustrated” – Pressure Builds On Sellers

As inventory builds further, those wishing to sell are feeling the pressure.

This from annew at Paul Boenisch’s blog July 1, 2008 5:10pm

“I have 2 friends trying to sell properties right now and feeling very frustrated. One is a small cheap unit downtown, the other is a very high-end large unit. Multiple showings, open houses, staging, the whole 9 yards, and no nibbles yet. The only factor left to change is price… and so the pressure is on.”

This from octagonian at Paul Boenisch’s blog July 1, 2008 5:21pm

“On-the-ground reports routinely tell of SIGNIFICANT price reductions in West Van. These numbers ARE already impacting prices. West and North Van are tarpits — no way out for anybody who bought after ’05…

And, in a related vein, this from betamax at Vancouver Condo Info July 1st,2008 3:16pm

“I just talked to a realtor who said he didn’t sell a single thing in June. Zip, zilch, zero. This is a realtor who made $300k last year. .

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