“Anybody else here know people leaving Vancouver?”

People are leaving Vancouver because “the economics don’t make sense to them”. This from Digi at Vancouver Condo Info May 16th, 2008 at 8:48am

“Anybody else here know people leaving Vancouver? Over the last week I’ve found out about several people leaving. Two Americans, a Kiwi, and a family of Australians are all returning home – they all like it here, but the economics don’t make sense to them, they’re work has finished or they’re homesick. Then there are the locals born here, one moving to Europe, one to the US (cash out tiny condo and get a house in the sun with a pool), and a few moving elsewhere in Canada. This could be just an anomoly in my group of friends and coworkers, but I wonder if the already underwhelming population growth graph is about to take a downturn?”

4 responses to ““Anybody else here know people leaving Vancouver?”

  1. I left Vancouver just over 2 years ago. It was a huge boost to me professionally, and my career has advanced to a point I never would have achieved had a stayed.

    I am now facing the possibility of moving back to Vancouver for family/medical reasons, which I do not want to do.

    What i cannot understand is why everyone thinks it is worth it to mortgage themselves for the rest of their lives (a bit redundant as the word “mortgage” originally meant “until death”), just to live in Vancouver.

    Once you leave it, you discover that you can live without the seawall, and Whistler, and the beaches and all the stuff you never did because you worked all the time to pay for your home.

    The job opportunities just are not that great for the cost of living there. If i do go back, it will only be as a renter and only temporarily

    I predict a mass exodus from Vancouver as people’s lifestyles have been financed by their real estate portfolio, and that game is ending.

  2. Yeah, us.

    My wife is leaving this week to see Toronto for the first time, looking for an area we could raise our family in. We’re both 26, born and raised in BC and now have 2 young kids. She’s never been away from them for more then a night so this week is going to be hell for both of us, but we don’t see any practical alternative.

    It’s a heart wrenching decision leaving our families here, but we want to raise our kids in a house with a yard without selling our souls to the bank.

    We can get a house there for 50% less and have the mortgage paid off in about 10 years. This will help us to fulfill our dreams of early financial independence instead of mortgage servitude.

  3. Jordan,

    do it. 10 years will go by in a heartbeat- trust me. I am 36 and 10 years seems to have just slipped through my fingers.

    Everything you save on your housing costs can be put into TIME spent with your family, which is more important than “owning” a big home.

  4. My boyfriend and I are planning a move to Montreal in the fall. It’s for a multitude of reasons, of which real estate prices are just one. We are in a position to buy, but it wouldn’t be a big enough space to support a future family, and quite frankly I don’t love this city enough. We’re ready for a change anyway and this just is the icing on the cake. We’re 26 and 33.

    In the meantime, we’re saving our downpayment and enjoying our awesome rental. If anyone has any anecdotes about the market in Quebec, I’d love to hear them!

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