“Anyone have relatives in Alberta that want a downtown condo?”

The Vancouver Sun article ’15 Real Estate Myths and Realities’ is getting an appropriate amount of coverage and an even more appropriate amount of criticism in the local blogosphere.

See the links at RE Talks, condohype, vancouvercondoinfo & the Sun itself for this discussion.

vreaa harvested this anecdote from ‘BUY MY CONDO!’ at Vancouver Sun ‘Soundoff!’ Tue, Apr 29, 08 at 01:05 AM

“I am selling a condo because I am getting transferred. When giving the listing out, my realtor tried to low ball me for a fast sale. I priced it competitively and less than recent sales on a lower floor. To date I have no offers and only excuses from my realtor that the market is slowing, that it is changing, there are more listings and that I need to reduce the price. I’ve paid property taxes, strata fees, mortgage payments and I have to pay a realtors commission so I don’t want to lose money on this purchase. I feel like I live in a different city than what was described in the article because people are not lining up to buy my place. The realtor tells me that it is too expensive for an owner user and investors want presales where they don’t have to pay for the condo for 3 years. Anyone have relatives in Alberta that want a downtown condo?”

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