The Down Side Of Having A Tenant ‘Pay Your Mortgage’

This gem from Lady Luck at RE Talks, Tue Apr 22, 2008 9:29am
“We used to rent a suite in our home. A new tenant came home blind drunk. Let himself into our part of the house (door was unlocked). I went to check on the baby at 3am. He was passed out on her bedroom floor, had vomited and pissed his pants. I recognised who it was and called the police. They ran his name and it turned out there was a warrant out for his arrest. Police came with guns drawn and removed him from the house. We called the RTA and were told that this was not grounds for eviction. The police let him go the next day, he returned to the suite and physically threatened my husband. Luckily “Uncle” is a biker and brought a few buddies to pay him a visit. The tenant was convinced that it was not in his best interest to stick around. Since then we have never rented a suite in our home. I always lock my doors. And I always do a police record check on new tenants.”

2 responses to “The Down Side Of Having A Tenant ‘Pay Your Mortgage’

  1. When bought a place back in the 90’s it was my initial intention to buy a place with a downstairs suite to rent out. I visited 4 such homes and concluded I wouldn’t want any of the existing tenants to be in the same home as me. It was like they were renting part of a house because they couldn’t get accepted in a regular apartment building. The one exception was a lovely little old lady whose landlord had spent more on her part of the house than his own half. That place was too expensive. My boss rented his place at Cultus Lake to a “nice professional couple” who promptly stopped paying the rent. It was like pulling teeth to get them evicted. Renters can be a dream come true (I rent and my landlords have always loved me) or your worst nightmare. You have to do your homework.

  2. in the earlyu ’90s i had a guy who always gave me NSF cheques, i went to the rentalsman and they served him an eviction notice. a couple of months later the RCMP called me, but i dont know where he went to. some tenants know the law better than the landlords and make a job of trying to live for free. your story wins the prize!

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