Ownership Premium – “It can’t be all about money.”

This from asha at RE Talks Thu Apr 17, 2008 8:29am

“We bought at Christmas.
We sold our condo too early at the end of 06 in December, but what the hey!
We went walkabout for a year and watched as prices climbed and climbed.
But we were buying a smaller cheaper house in a small town.
So we bought a nice 1950’s home in Powell River. 2000 square feet, a nice backyard, some fruit trees and a view of the ocean.
We waited and waited for the downturn which didn’t happen during that time and then stumbled upon this house which was just the right one for us.
Because it is cheaper it seems that it all works out. We could have made more money, we could have saved more money, but i have learned that is you are buying for your home timing the market is probably not worth it.
We got a great place out of it and in the end, it can’t be all about money.”

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