Leaving Vancouver For Different Reasons

This from Vansanity on Vancouver Condo Info 2008-03-21 08:11:25

“Anyway, had a talk with a friend this morning who’s talking about getting away from Van, he’s a plumbing trade. Talking about Fort McMurray for a bit and then buying in the interior or island. He knows a developer working on some land around Bear Mountain. He has a proposal for a new sub-division there and if it goes through he’ll build it and retire. I talked to him about being careful buying anything on historic highs, he listened but wasn’t concerned. Says that Bear Mountain has many foreign investors showing interest and he figures if he picks one up he will see some serious gains. His exact words were, I’ll do better than my RRSP’s. I know what you’re all thinking, believe me, I do. It’s not worth wasting my breath trying to dissuade him, his mind is already made up. The longer this goes the more people will get sucked in. I’m still going to wait it out for two more years, job is going good, but if I don’t see things change post-olympics or sooner, I’ll be packing up and going somewhere else, somewhere affordable and sunnier.”

And morefrom the same poster 2008-03-26 14:58:20 –

Two people I know are leaving Vancouver. One is moving to New Mex and the other to LA. Both love the sunshine and the prices up here made their decisions much easier.”

One response to “Leaving Vancouver For Different Reasons

  1. I have already had friends leave: two families gone out of province because of the cost of living here. Cost has outweighed the long time social and career networks they’d established.

    What I find most interesting is the grumbling from friends who weren’t thinking about house purchase anyway. It feels as if Vancouver has changed. The skyline, the density – transit has become, over the past two years, almost unbearably crowded – and it seems like people are surlier. It’s what happens in a big city, but here, it’s happened really fast.

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