2. Profiting from the Boom

sunbather002-copy.jpgStories about folks who’ve made a killing, either by selling appreciated RE, or by accumulating enough RE to feel like land barons.

3 responses to “2. Profiting from the Boom

  1. Starting in 2001 with a measly $11,ooo down payment on a downtown Vancouver condo I’ve turned that into $600k worth of real estate … and growing.

  2. cal, many thanks for your post.
    Please clarify, if you can – Do you mean that you now have 600K of your own assets in RE, or that you now control 600K of RE?
    In other words, if you sold all your RE at today’s prices and paid off all your mortgages, how much would you be left with?

  3. This from barrt at RE Talks:
    Mar 06, 2008 9:19 am

    “I think I’m a bit older than most of you, and have been lucky enough to have acquired some investment properties over the years, all of which I have sold last year out of fear of a major correction.
    At the risk of putting the “yawners” to sleep, I find the “bull/bear” thing (for want of a better term) very helpful to gauge the mood of where we might be going.
    I’m obviously a bear, waiting to load up after the market has tanked, when I plan to become a raging bull. I find some of the ideas about market fundamentals very informative, but try as I might, I cant find any that could possibly drive this market higher. All that “it’s different here” stuff sounds more like denial than rational reasoning.”

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