3. Changed my Life

leap_house010-copy.jpgStories about folks who have made big changes, directly because of the current value of Vancouver RE.

Early retirement, bought more toys, stopped other saving, etc. etc.

3 responses to “3. Changed my Life

  1. From Thompson at RE Talks, a story of a successful RE investor’s early retirement:

    Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 10:11 pm
    “I work and live in Great Vancouver for more than 20 years, graduated from a university in Canada with a Ph.D. degree in Physics. I may not be a successful physicist, but relatively say, a successful investor, at least in many friends’ eyes. Two years ago, I achieved one of my goals: early retirement. So, I have more time for my hobbies: physics and investment. Was I lucky to buy RE properties in the right time and right location? Maybe, but I have my business model, and bought the properties all the way since 1991. I do not care about the market, but rather the rent and down payment. “(a)

  2. We sold our townhouse ( champlain heights) in Aug/07 and are renting and waiting. Owned free and clear, nothing to do with affordability, we wanted a move anyway and believe we sold for way more than it would sell for when we want to buy again. Our money is where our mouths are.

    Do you understand the importance of the change in the credit markets? This is huge, just hasn’t trickled down to the (wo)man in the street yet.
    Some massive black storm clouds looming as CTV global news says “what a beautiful sunset, this is the best place on earth. I wonder what makes those colours so dramatic? And now more fluff to please our sponsor”(a)

  3. A professional who was a longstanding resident of North Vancouver told me in the Summer of 2007 that he was selling his house and moving with his family to a city on the Canadian prairies.
    The market value of his house had reached a point where this move was irresistable to him.
    Quote: “I’ll never have to work another winter in my life”.

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